A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer is a tablet altarpiece made up of 13 hand embroidered panels.  

Conceptually they draw reference to prayer cushions.  Christian Iconographic symbols  have been replaced with spontaneous patterns derived from natural forms. Splashing water, cloud formations and organic forms are the sources for the images.  Bright contrasting colours reference the kinds of colours found in 14th Century Italian altarpieces painted in tempera and in the illuminated manuscripts of the same period. Both these items formed the backdrop to my childhood years in Italy.  

It is a eulogy to  Nature. It is a meditation on the majesty of the natural world and demands that we look and listen to nature and turn to it for answers. It asks us to treat nature and the natural world with devotion and reverence.

The medium of tapestry is used as the stitching of it, is a slow meditative process, it is repetitive and calls to mind the use of prayer beads,  it is generally a woman’s work and often carried out in silence. The methodical skillful craftsmanship of the stitching is off set against the spontaneity of the image, this creates a surprising dynamic juxtaposition of paradoxical concepts. It is at the juncture of these opposites that perhaps an  ‘Aha’ moment can be found.