Into the Light / Circa / Everard Read Cape Town/ 14 -26 August 2017

Composition in Red and ultramarine
Milk paint on paper
158 x 316 cm 2016

Into the Light is an exhibition of Arabella’s recent work. It is inspired by an exploration of patterns found in the play of light and dark on natural forms. Her paintings and sculptures use an abstract language of semi-symbolic glyphs discovered in these patterns. The primary principal underpinning her work though is the belief in the importance of process.


Arabella will be doing a performance painting with cellist Jessica Bailey . In this public space they will give visitors to the gallery the experience of  sharing their creative process they engage in.



Jessica Bailey and Arabella Caccia will be performing 10.00 – 13.00 Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th August .
There after Arabella will be in the gallery from 10.00- 13.00 on weekdays.