One of Five Elements

Part of the Everard Read Franschhoek 2017 exhibition, this sculpture is one of the Five Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Wood).

One / Five Elements , Ultramarine and Bronze, 280 cm high 2017

The concept is that they stand together in a circle separated by enough space to walk between them. The sculpture was made from over 70 pieces of bronze, each piece a glyph derived from the abstracted shapes found in the patterns of nature.

Collage of Glyphs on paper in ultramarine blue each 13 x 19 cm 2017

Each piece was carved out of wax then gated and dipped in the ceramic dip before being cast in bronze.

Gated Wax Glyphs January 2017


Glyphs in ceramic ready to be cast in bronze April 2017


The glyphs are then finished off and assembled, welded and bent to form the final piece, through which light can move and shadows fall.

Bronze Glyphs mid April 2017


Welding Glyphs end April 2017


Welding Glyphs and Twisting and Bending end April 2017

The sculpture was then patinated using pure ultramarine pigment in a milk paint base.

Patina of Sculpture with Ultramarine Pigment April 2017


Transporting the piece to Franschhoek


One / Five Elements Everard Read Franschhoek 2017