Silicon Moulds in Botswana

Chapman’s Baobab now collapsed

On the 16 th January 2016 the great Chapman’s Baobab tree fell down after commanding a majestic place on the edge of the Makgadikdadi Plains,  for some say as long as 2000 years.  I visited the tree in 2014 and  was devastated when I heard about it. I immidately suggested to Ralph Bousfield who had hosted me at Jacks Camp in 2014 that I would like to go back and make silicon moulds of some of the carvings that  people had made in the bark of the tree, including Livingston who is thought to have carved a cross on the trunk in 1852. I was able to return and I spent 3 days taking moulds from the tree and then went to visit Greens Tree which is also marked by a cross carved by Livingston and a inscription recording  Greens Expedition of 1858. The plan is to cast some of the inscriptions into bronze for the museum at Jack’s Camp.

Arabella and Rhu taking silicon moulds on Chapman’s baobab, Jack’s Camp Botswana February 2017
Livingstone’s Cross , Chapman’s Baobab, Botswana
Green’s Tree, The Pioneer Road, near Jacks Camp, Botswana.
Silicon mould of Livingston’s Cross, Green’s Tree, The Pioneer Road, Botswana.