Winter Show at Everard Read Cape Town

An abstract painting inspired by time working in the Tsitsikamma forest where Arabella drew and printed and took silicone moulds of the bark of trees.  This painting is inspired by the patterns created in the bark of the Oteniqua Yellowwood Tree.  The aim of the abstraction is to take the viewer directly to the face of nature without being conscious of exactly what is in front of them. To  illicit a visceral experience which like the forrest itself captivates and entrances.

Untitled Organic Image, 120 x 240 cm, 2016

Untitled:Organic, oil on board, 120 x 240 cm 2016


Oteniqua Yellowwood, charcoal and ink on hemp, 80 x 120 cm 2015

Drawing 4 mixed media on paper 2016

Print/ drawing from silicone mould