Forest Collection

In August, Arabella was fortunate enough to stay in the unrivalled Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, close to Hermanus.

It was here that she found inspiration for her latest body of work, Forest, a collection of drawings and paintings.

Arabella in forestNestled between mountain and sea, this beautiful nature reserve showcases the incredible flora and marine life of the southern tip of Africa, including the protected Milkwood tree, many of which are over 800 years old.


The Milkwood’s gnarled branches and mossy beards create a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere, enticing one on deep into the forest. In Arabella’s words,  “ The forest is a place sometimes magical, sometimes sinister, where shadows and light beams dance to the melody of wind leaves and stretching trunks, of cries and of humming. The forest guards all secrets.  The forest path leads one on through the chambers of the imagination into the world beyond that of our every day experiences.”


Forest Painting Part 1Forest Painting, Part 1, 2014


This body of work is still in progress, so far Arabella has created a series of Forest paintings  as well as Forest drawings.  Her Forest painting, ten meters in width and over two meters in height, has an eerie, magical feeling about it that captures the essence of these fast vanishing forests.


At the end of November 2014, Arabella will be working on her Forest Painting in the gallery at Grande Provence, in Franschhoek.  The finished painting along with her sculptures and drawings will be exhibited at the gallery in February 2015 (Date to be announced).


Whilst Arabella was at Grootbos, she was also commissioned to do the Grootbos honey and wine labels.


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Honey  Wine labels