The Baobabs

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Adansonia Digitata, commonly known as the Baobab Tree, is indigenous to Southern Africa.  These trees are the oldest living things on the African continent. In March Arabella travelled to Botswana to get to know more about these magnificent, ancient plants.


“I spent days walking amongst trees, sitting under them and drawing them, absorbing the knowing essence of these strange anthropomorphic plants.  Some of the trees are as much as two and a half thousand years old.  I studied them from a sapling not even a year old, with only 4 leaves, to one of the most vast and captivating trees, with hundreds of thousands of leaves, know as Chapman’s Baobab. This prophet of a tree, stands near the edge of the Magadigadi salt pans under the protection of Jack’s Camp, my generous hosts.”


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Adansonia Digitata – The Baobab Tree


Sailing across the horizon of time

The prophet of the plains drifts


Our sun is near

Earth burns

She waits

Her promise bruised sky sliced by light ribbons

Heaven’s ice boulders shatter


The Baobab speaks


Guardian of earth’s silence

Knowing her noble truths

For two thousand orbits

Quiet tendrils plait patience, trust and courage into life

A thousand leaf gems catch threads of laughter from smiling webs to weave joy blankets

Earth’s breath strokes limbs between time

Moist kisses butterfly across skin

Moon shadows caress necks


Bark shines

Polished by cycles

Wounded, healed, scarred

Beautified, deified

Bleeding, sucked, weaned

Wounds stitched into flesh

Knitting veins of honesty into earth’s psalms

Ear leaves gather wind stories, giggling, sighing

Suckling root fingers soil creep lapping up earth’s trust


Dancers hang in the canopy

Veiled by perfume of kissed thighs

Crinkled flesh petticoat

Pollen comet headdress

Cream brushed satin invites pursed lips

Seduced by night moths

Pirates of the ship of time


Dangling velvet seals in ochre coats

Heavy tree treasure

Smuggle snow seeds

Cream of Tartar and promises


Desire ripples fertile flesh

Entangled seeing limbs embrace

Vegetal language

Droughts, stabbings, floods and time it’s syntax

Contorted elbows and distended beaks

Swollen organs and soft bellies

Lyrics to melodies

Of lunar shadows and tumbling stars

Of quivering longings and bulging wishes



Prophet of the plains

Sails across the horizon of time


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Jack’s Camp, Arabella’s hosts for her stay in Botswana,