Sight IX on display at In Toto gallery’s “The Other World” Exhibition

Sight IX from Arabella Caccia’s Sight collection, will be on display at In Toto’s latest exhibition,”The Other World”, running from the 31st of May until the 5th of July 2012.


Collaborating with Otto De Jager, In Toto Gallery presents a thought provoking exhibition which is more of a sensory experience than a standard show as the Gallery itself becomes a work of art and a view into another realm.


Sight is the culmination of a collaboration between Arabella and Deborah da Silva, a photographer. This partnership has resulted in a dynamic creative process which pushed the limits of the artists’ individual skills, creating something new and fresh.


Consisting of black and white images, the process by which these artworks were created involves the layering of drawing and photography through photomontage, projection and collage. The technique is at no point disguised, and juxtaposes the loose, tactile quality of the drawings with the clarity of the photographed scenes.


Click here to view the rest of the Sight collection


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