Arabella Caccia Exhibits recent work at Roedean

Excerpt from a review in the S.A.O.R.A. Magazine – Roedean Annual Alumni magazine –


March 2012 brought Arabella Caccia back to Roedean with an exhibition of her recent artwork in the Sumner Block. It was a particularly special event as Arabella, now an established artist, last exhibited at Roedean 30 years ago!


Arabella’s recent work is, she says, an expression of where she is now: “There is a solitary nature to it, which possibly comes from the kinds of Existentialist thinking of Nietzsche and Kirkegaard.” She describes “an inward search for a sense of ‘being’ in relation to the earth and the world around us, perhaps provoked by the enormously dehumanising trend of current societies – the loss of identity and individuality brought about by new technologies, virtual forms of communication and modern ways of life.”


Her work exhibited at Roedean goes back to traditional ways of painting with its foundation in drawing. It has been produced with what Arabella refers to as “a deep meditative concentration”. As in all types of creative work, it is the process which is important – the journey and not just the product.


It is significant that this exhibition coincided with Foundation Day when Roedean celebrates the courage and vision of its founders and their continuing spirit in the school. Like Theresa Lawrence and Margaret Earl over a century ago, and indeed Maud Sumner too, Arabella has proved herself to be a woman of strength and character. We should not only appreciate the beauty and skill of her work, but also the life journey that has made possible Arabella’s expression of truth.


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