Caccia’s Girl in a Red Dress part of Everard Read’s 15th anniversary exhibition

Arabella’s Girl in a Red Dress Collection formed part of Everard Read Cape Town’s 15th anniversary exhibition in December 2011.


The paintings were inspired by Asisipho Ndlovu Malunga, a dancer who, in her essence seems to express the archetype of an African Venus. In the paintings Siho is shown dancing on a magic glass box, dancing with planets, dancing with a school of see-through fish and under falling flowers. In her portrait she is shown with a weaver bird chick on her shoulder alluding to her nescent power to weave dreams.


There was also later a painting painted of Sipho, “The Keeper of Dreams”,  painted in the traditional Venus pose after artists such as Goya and Monet, which has since been sent to London for exhibition.

Click here to view the Girl in a Red Dress collection

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